A higher standard of window tinting can make every ride more enjoyable.

Why do you love your car? The driving experience, styling, comfort and security? Let’s add another: with LLumar FormulaOne window tint, professionally installed by Distinctive Window Tinting, you can have a more confident ride knowing that your family is safe from the sun’s harmful UVA rays, heat and glare. And you’ll enjoy increased privacy as well.

LLumar window tint is specially engineered to a higher standard of performance and is known for its color stability, durable scratch-resistant coating and high quality. Help protect your investment, keep you and your family safe, and create a more enjoyable ride for everyone.

Distinctive Window Tinting provides the highest quality of window film which can help with protecting your family from UV rays, heat and glare while improving the style and appearance of your car. And paint protection film can protect your car’s paint job from scratches and more caused by rocks, winter salt and road debris.

LLumar’s PrecisionCut Technology

LLumar’s PrecisionCut is a proprietary system used for precisely cutting patterns for car films, paint protection films (clear bra), and residential and commercial window films. It also allows Distinctive Window Tinting to custom cut decorative graphics.

We can cut film to fit any size and shape of flat-glass window. Patterns are constantly being added to the system, so we always have the latest and greatest to offer you, your family, and your business.

The PrecisionCut System is designed to reduce installation time, labor costs, and wasted film. We pass these savings directly to the customer, and installation is even faster, meaning that we’re in and out of your home or office quickly with minimal disruption.

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