Reduce the cost of removing graffiti

flaggedA constant concern for many businesses is the growing issue of graffiti — and its expensive removal. Vandals have begun targeting window glass and other public surfaces using acid, paint, etching tools and permanent markers.

Vista™ By LLumar® anti-graffiti film, or LLumar Sacrificial Film, is a proven, cost-effective solution to help mitigate damage caused by graffiti. These films are nearly invisible once installed. They provide a removable, “sacrificial” surface which can help reduce or even eliminate the need to replace glass. The cost of film installation is one-tenth to one-twentieth the cost of the replacement of just a single window.

The anti-graffiti film can be applied to sloped or vertical glass, stainless steel or mirrors, in malls, on buses, in office buildings or even on subways. Professional installation by Distinctive Window Tinting is quick and easy, unlike window replacement, which can disrupt valuable business. After vandals strike, the film can be simply removed, along with the graffiti, revealing the untouched glass. The replacement anti-graffiti film can then be quickly applied.

By removing graffiti quickly, with no disruption to business, vandals who are looking for recognition are discouraged from further tagging of your business or assets.

Product Benefits

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