Vista™ By LLumar® energy-saving window film can reduce utility costs up to 15% annually.

Our energy saving window film products in Bonita Springs and Naples Florida reduce utility costs which will save you more money regarding annual expenses.Sunlight streaming through office windows often causes temperature fluctuations and higher energy bills. And when the sun goes down, so does the temperature.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that one-third of a building’s wasted energy is due to the solar heat gain through windows. Nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy efficient. The cost of replacing all the windows in all of your buildings could be astronomical; the cost of Vista™ By LLumar®  window film is not.

An easy, cost-effective way to reduce temperature fluctuations and increase energy efficiency is by installing LLumar energy-saving window tinting.

Professional energy audits have estimated that buildings with Vista™ energy-saving window films installed can save as much as 15% with reduced carbon emissions and a payback as soon as three years.

Calculate your potential savings with the LLumar Energy Savings Calculator.

An alternative to window replacement

Various factors can influence your decision on window replacement versus installing an energy-efficient window film on existing windows in your buildings.

You may become alerted to the issue due to tenant complaints, an early sign that your windows need attention. But replacement windows don’t necessarily address the complaints about heat or glare, and energy-saving window film can’t fix leaks or moisture. Identifying the real problem will help you find the right solution for your building.

Window film installation isn’t an option to fix windows with the following issues:

  • Air or moisture leakage
  • Failed seals
  • Damaged frames
  • Windows that aren’t structurally sound

But if your building’s windows are still structurally sound and in good condition, window film installation is an excellent option to address several of the common problems associated with windows in office or commercial buildings.

Product Benefits

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