Increase safety for tenants and building assets

Our security window films in Bonita Springs will protect the visibility of your building One of the most important responsibilities as a commercial or public building manager is keeping tenants, occupants and interior assets safe from harm.

Ranging from natural disasters to emergencies, vandalism and theft, security threats are a major concern for your tenants’ safety. By providing a multi-tiered and comprehensive security plan, you can provide your building’s occupants with the highest level of protection possible.

Vista™ By LLumar® security window film, professionally installed by Distinctive Window Tinting, is a key part of building safety. It provides a strong barrier, holding glass in place upon impact, reducing harm and damage caused by shattered glass in an already dangerous situation. Shards of flying glass can cause serious injuries to occupants. A broken window also leaves your tenants and assets exposed to the elements.

Our security window films in Naples Florida are made to increase the security of your tenantsHowever, LLumar security window film holds glass securely in place even upon impact. By strengthening your building’s windows with security window film, breaking the glass is delayed or prevented, which reduces or even stops the security threat, whether it’s from a natural disaster or an intruder.

Despite its strength, security film is transparent and doesn’t obstruct your view into or out of your windows. Think of Vista™ security window film as another type of insurance—you won’t even know it’s there until you need it.

Product Benefits

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