Protect your occupants and furnishings from harmful UVA rays

Our UV window protection film in Bonita Springs and in Naples Florida serve many benefits to your property. The sun can offer many benefits, increasing productivity and reducing reliance on electric lighting. However, the sun’s UV rays can prove damaging to both skin and your building’s furnishings without a window treatment.

UV rays stream through windows in commercial buildings, automobiles and homes, subjecting occupants and furnishings to a danger. UV rays fade furniture, hardwood floors, carpeting, fabric, artwork, window displays and more. Not only that, but UVA rays are linked to skin cancer. Cumulative exposure means that the total damage the occupant receives correlates directly to how often they are exposed to UV rays.

However, Vista™ solar control window film is an easy and cost-effective way to prevent UV damage to tenants and furnishings. It blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays but still allows unobstructed views, allowing natural daylight inside — without the danger.

Window tinting can also lower cooling costs and improve tenant comfort by reducing solar heat gain. Newer low-e window films feature year-round savings on HVAC by keeping radiant heat inside in the winter as well as keeping it outside in the summer.

Vista™ By LLumar® window film is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a comprehensive skin care program. You would wear sunscreen if you spent 8 hours outside in the sun; why wouldn’t you protect yourself and your tenants indoors as well as out?

Product Benefits

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